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Way leads on to way. Wise old women.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 16 2023 at 03:43:38AM

How many of you have always had a good social repoire..

..with much older women? While women in their early adulthood are often (not always) basically self-absorbed and totally intolerable, and middle age women are often either meh or still intolerable, I've always found myself having an unexpected heart to heart interactions with women who have already been through life and have nothing to hide anymore. They have long abondoned the social rules that require of them towing a line from the left or right, above their own experience of truth. They don't play that game anymore, and often just seem to have a rather laid-back wisdom about things.

To me personally, this feels like a much higher reverence for women than feminism and its restrictions ever dreamed of having.

There is no attraction between us, but I revel in not just their wisdom, but their brutal honesty from their own life perspective. I've been told with great class and carefully selected wordings, about things like young forced rape, an abortion or a miscarriage, and even an unregretted intimate relationship with a much-older male and the complete belief even in old age retrospect, that she was more in control of things than he was. Truth be told.

The opposite can often be true, but the honest point is, it's definitely not always true. This is exactly why feminism sucks ass. I've tapped the minds of some of the most revered or orthodox "anarchists" back in my past years, being unexpectantly lucky to receive replies, and they always simpered and bowed to feminism whenever and wherever age disparity alone appeared. Calculated anarchy.

Sure. Burn your furniture in the street. Fucking frauds, one and all.

Go agitate for your globalist-presented teams, BLM. Oh, sorry, I mean PLM. Trying to keep up with the astro-turfed outrages. So done with your elves and all the other BS you fucks never had the fortuity to stick to without calculating its popularity among the fools you might entice.



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