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Unicorns Trendy These Days. Virgin Girls Suffer.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 15 2023 at 04:45:29AM

Unicorns used to lay their head into a loving virgin's lap.

Do NOT allow the lately re-appropriation of historical unicorns. These people hate unicorns, and all they historicsally represent.

Because it's complete bullshit. Truly!

Unless you prefer to buy into corporate sparkles and rainbows that hate any and all virgin-focused attractions?

Because that's what many of you are buying into lately.

If you just did your own basic research, you'd find what historic they tap into to make bank, so superficiously:

The Atlantic....the evilist of all proper hintists toward future hell for the human masses...

Well, I wasn't able to pull that particular article. Sorry. The Atlantic is nevertheless the place to find what extreme wealthy folk are plotting against the masses. So there's still that I guess.

How they kill history and important knowledge in offhanded ways, which they hope you won't notice.

*Know your unicorns.*

Defend them from all these hostile assaults.


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