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The Virtue (or) Horror of Anarchy & Chaos.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, November 05 2023 at 11:34:06PM

Has A Fluid Depiction Today.

These days, as someone who's identity is long unaccepted by either side of the political spectrum, it has become a fascination to me as a privileged negligable outsider.. that the tenents of "peace and love" vs. "civility and order" seem to readily paint such out-of-hand behavior, both present and past, as either heroic or despicable, depending upon the goal, and with the most insultingly simplistic of brush strokes, of friend vs. foe being the ONLY deciding factor of getting the generic stamp of good or evil.

It's so tiring.

Quite literally, entire "serious" documentaries are made on the underlying statement "Can you believe this shit those people do or have previously done?"

YES!! In the name of all that is true, YES.

Yes, I can! Because YOUR people do and did the same exact horrible shit over other issues that you say is terrible in this instance, while bowing reverently to others who utilized the same tactics, or even worse!

What!? Am I not supposed to remember all those other historical and current events? Some or many of which were YOUR doing? Really?

Come on, man!

I'm not even thinking about the middle east right now, though it seems to apply there too to some extent.

WTF am I missing??? Stop with the more-virtuous-than-thou bullshit that relies upon the historical ignorance of your own adherents, and their current self-imposed informational bubbles.

It's so fucking insulting to anyone capable of thinking beyond partisan politics.

Everyone needs to break their comfortable informational chains. All the opposing viewpoints are out there, if only you are willing to take them all in and arrive at a personal opinion. These opposing interpretations of events are where TRUTH is discovered, by reading between the lines.

Stop being afraid of your own ability to reach your own conclusions, and consequently, becoming somebody else's useful idiot.

You are all better than that. Well, maybe not all, but most of you are.

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