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Sound of Freedom or Sound of Evil (Part-3)

Posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, October 31 2023 at 00:48:01AM


More news about Tim Ballard was released on Freespeechtube (yes, Freespeechtube, the web site that was created by Norbert, is back online, even though Tim Ballard and his friends helped put Norbert and others behind bars).

This video discusses Tim Ballard's evilness in greater detail and delves deeper into the O.U.R. organization. It also illustrates how Tim Ballard's original idea for a weekly TV show akin to "To Catch the Predator" in which he and his friends travel the world saving children had received enormous financial support from Glen Beck and other "MAGA Christians". Ultimately, though, they chose to make a movie instead.

Now Glenn Beck and other "MAGA Christians" are distancing themselves from Tim Ballard.

***A Warning note to Newgon and FreeSpeechtube***
It appears that the O.U.R. organization will proceed with their other documentary/movie, which includes material that you (Newgon and Freespeechtube) did not authorize them to use (not to mention the other "not so nice things" they did to you). O.U.R. has no choice but to release their new documentary/movie due to the "great success" of their previous film, which ironically (LOL) brought out all kinds of lawyers and lawsuits against them (They will need the money).

The line of lawyers preparing to sue them is growing, so you should get your lawyers in that line before all that's left to win in a settlement is Tim Ballard's gold tooth. And at the current gold price of $2,006.63, that is not much :(

So, after all of your pain and suffering, after all of the man-hours and cost of a new server(s), all you'll get is a gold tooth? :(

Please get your lawyers in that line NOW before it is too late!


Now that I think about it, Tim Ballard's gold tooth might not be real, like everything else that is fake about him.

Much Love,

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