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There's a blond gymnast I'm recently gaga for.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, October 30 2023 at 8:41:59PM

She's probably already too old by the time I now take notice. This is typical for me. I don't know anything about her. I've seen her at various ages, falling in love, never even realizing it was the same girl. She has a very unusually mature expression in her gaze, in her eyes. Harder to decipher, compared to other girls her age. Dare I say, something seemingly stoic or wise, and this was my own personal draw (anyone can have an amazing body, which she also does, of course, but it's the other unexpected added elements on top of that which makes any girl extra special).

Clearly there were other girl lovers who took note of her long before I saw it. I've never been the wandering girl-lover scout, but I have massive appreciation for those who do the thankless scouting work. I don't even know where she's from, but already gorgeous girls with slightly nuanced atypical attributes on top of it? That will always be the cinnamon on the pudding for me.

Presenting a complexity beyond the stereotype... which haters will never be able to understand nor generalize.

Just like lovers of grown women, girls, too, often have unusual attributes that rise above. Traits BY certain girls, FOR certain girl lovers, who might have already "generally" found them attractive without. This adds an honest complexity of attraction, which forces those who wish to generalize you (us) into a grand collective of nothing more than some based and uncontrolled primative urges.

If they be honest, it forces them to do a little more "work" and explaining of their convenient sterotypes.

Any girl will do? Yeah, maybe for some pedos, but definitely not for genuine girl lovers.

If you've never encountered an awesomely physically attractive girl, who didn't still somehow totally turn you off with an audible "ugh" coming from your mouth? Then you're not really a girl lover.


If you've never met a girl who wasn't much to look at, who still had other qualities about her which unexpectedly drove you absolutely crazy for her?


If you've encountered a girl who was both physically attractive while also having other intensely attractive qualities about her?

Whew. Raise your white flag and let her stick a fork in you, because you are owned and done:)

That's my own understanding of a true girl lover.


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