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Victim blaming

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, October 09 2023 at 3:01:53PM
In reply to Israel was suddenly caught off-guard?? posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 07 2023 at 11:55:15PM

Victim blaming follows many forms.

When my neighbor got robbed when I lived in the big city the police had no interest in investigating the crime. They noticed his windows were opened and therefore people could see what stuff he had in house when he arrived and it was his fault. They never even tried a further investigation. Just told him it was his fault.

I worked at a corporation that got robbed. It was their fault for not locking down things properly.

A friend of mine had a car robbed. It was his fault for not locking the car doors.

Though this doesn't happen anymore that I've seen. Women gets raped. It was her fault for wearing too little clothing.

Now I live in a neighborhood where we have had 1 crime in 10 years. I live here because the police will not blame the victim. Criminals will find their butts in prison faster than they can cry it's societies fault for making me this way.

Nah, I can't have any compassion for people who go out and murder regular citizens and kidnap them. Did Israel know? No one is ever going to be able to prove that and all it sounds like is victim blaming to me. It is an undisputed fact that Israel got attacked here and not the other way around. No what aboutisms and, but Palestine had this happen to them first will change that.

Really sucks on all sides because now there are going to be a lot of civilians mostly on the Palestinian side including kids who have nothing to do with this who will end up dead.

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