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Could they be here for military conscription?

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 28 2023 at 04:23:26AM

Military-age southern-hemisphere men are flooding the US border.

Just a passing thought.

Our military industrial complex is a highly profitable and constant money flow for years. The elites are invested in this money-maker which constantly delivers a constant state of financially profitable war, and all things just naturally and routinely flow from there, sadly.

Tax dollars to other places, which dutifully send them back to investors for military equipment corporations, into private collection baskets.. is a huge and ignored money-maker.

It's really that simple. Sit and wait for the masses to see it all and come along.

No, they still don't look that deep. The wait will be long. MSM benefits, and so, helps inflict that personal fog. War is highly profitable for all worldly demons who learn how to promote it while simultaneously mastering its financial winfalls. OTOH, they must remain in control of its progression in order to secure financial expectations. If they lose this control, the safe house of cards crumbles.

Enjoy the neverending.


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