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the HORRORS of youtube family channels

Posted by hierophant on Tuesday, September 26 2023 at 02:21:41AM

the HORRORS of youtube family channels video by Allie Tricaso on youtube.

Though she is right about many things. She is wrong in one regard. These YouTube families shared their abuse online on YouTube very obviously very publicly. But it took an eternity for police to respond. Imagine though if instead of emotional abuse physical neglect or physical abuse the "abuse" in the the video was a joyful sexual romp how much sooner the police would have stepped in.

Her section on pedophilia is the usual. Pedophiles get their jollies from snippets of these videos oh the horror. The typical Evil Pedo Eyes of Doom argument.

It is also to note that legally uploaded to YouTube does not equal legally possessed. As it has always been it is not the content of the video but rather the content of the mind of the person in possession of the video that determines legality.

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