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Public surprised: laws they demanded enforced?

Posted by Baldur on Friday, September 22 2023 at 01:09:58AM

I happened across this story a couple places lately: the father of an 11 year old girl in Columbus, Ohio reported to police that his daughter had been persuaded by a man on the internet to send him nudes, and he wanted them to explain to her how serious this could be. The police complied by telling him that his daughter could be charged for production of child pornography, which is true. As best I can determine from articles that have been published over the years, the vast majority of producers of child pornography are children - and this is something that the public very much wants to punish, because ... reasons.

This is the law that the public demanded and agitated for - and now the video of the father's interaction with the police has gone viral and the officers involved face an investigation because they were truthful with him.

The public is furious, now, that the laws they demanded might be enforced.

Such a curious thing, what happens when people demand action about things they know nothing about.

• ( https link ) Police in Columbus, Ohio threaten producer of child porn.

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