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Guilty until proven innocent

Posted by walkinginthepark on Thursday, September 21 2023 at 06:30:09AM
In reply to Agreed. Never was impressed by him, but.. posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 21 2023 at 03:53:21AM

If he's raped anybody then that's bad and he should be held accountable.

The problem here is that he is being treated as guilty before there's even a trial. If you read the newspapers they're literally using headlines such as Demon Brand, so his career is destroyed, his reputation in tatters with no right to defend himself.

It's judgement and death by media. His bookings are stopping, brands are dropping him and celebrities are talking about how badly he needs punishing.

It just highlights the reality of justice compared to that fanciful idea people have about justice. Innocent until proven guilty, everyone has the right to defend themselves ya de ya. No, the reality is that you're guilty if the media wants you guilty and there's no right to defend yourself. Any jury is already going to be against him before they've heard any evidence and if he's found not-guilty, his reputation will still be destroyed and the worst thing that could happen to a newspaper is they'd have to print an apology and pay a small amount of compensation out (compared to how much they made from newspaper sales).

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