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So Long, Biden.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, September 18 2023 at 00:48:20AM


Your string-pulling overseers have spoken.

I am concerned many of your vast internet sock puppets have yet to receive the message and re-orient ahead of the coming curve. Then again, sharing wisdom has never been their purpose.

Trump needs to avoid jail and stick to the train. Kim Jong may be a somewhat graceless butterball, but he ain't stupid. He's not gonna suffer the fate of his sattelite launches or Lahaina.(Also, still secretly hot for his sister who may or may not be a ruthless murderer.)

If Trump succeeds and survives? Enter Big Mike.

Big Media will cheerlead: "You like Mike, I like Mike."

And will also:

"Everything you say can and will be deemed racist and held against you in a court of controlled mass media."

OTOH, if he's taken out?

Well then, any pawn with blow-dried hair will still do, won't he.

No, this post does not say I prefer Trump, but if things default to DeSantis, then enjoy "breaking news" about his past in Georgia which suddenly appears at the exact needed moment.

Right, Manflower?

In summary, many of you are useful idiots for something that despises your ideology while paying superficial homage to it. Everyone stop being whatever the tron is that pulls you to the other tron. I got a D in physics. Still, think for yourself, inform yourself with competing narratives. Then see the spinning of undeniable facts and break free. Just GTFO of your safe echo-bubbles.

I have dated this post, so anyone feel free to diss me on it later. I will be happy to have been wrong.


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