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My former-loli Starbucks Hollywood Script Idea...

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, September 15 2023 at 04:09:06AM

I'd better get it out there before the site goes kaput.

Quick, before the scabs get overtaken and beaten down!

So there are these, like, three women.. in at least their 40's (some prolly slightly older) who were formerly adored in their youth in massive popular culture, in ways now popularly considered somewhat (or totally) creepy.

In spite of that view, they have nevertheless remained dignified and graceful toward the public, and it deserves respect.

They are famous, and have MANY past encounters and thoughts to express, some being scary or downright strange, with others being sincere and loving.

ALL of their shared experiences, would be utterly fascinating to those who have adored them for years.

None of these three women would be anything but graceful as they already exemplify themselves.

However, they would simultaneosly not be remotely like one another in personality. This incurs interest. On the other hand, they would ALL be similar in that they accept and love one another, in spite of different views, while also, none of them ever chose to vocally denounce those who dared to admire them in their youth. In my head, it's just a comedy with three women bonding, with added deep wisdom never before explored.

This is an idea that's been brewing in my head for years. I easily see two, but need a third. Brook Shields and Drew Barrymore must certainly have similar secrets to share, in spite of their different beliefs and directions. So I ask my fellow girl lovers... who, of this same past time frame and self-dignity, might be the best wild card addition to both?

Please help complete my three past lolis looking back idea.

Who is our third former still-graceful and middle-age loli to stand between them???

Let's get this film made, before the shitty forced union-topics return.


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