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"Aquarius Revisited." (hardcover)

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 09 2023 at 04:07:52AM

"What source first began your macro re-examination of 60's counterculture?"

(Something nobody asked, ever.)

Young impressionable Eeyore sat in the midwestern college library, ignoring his studies, saddened that he was unable to grow his High Times mail-order homestead mushrooms, dutifully delivered to his college mailbox.

Of all the other crackpots and attention-seekers, only one really seemed to stand out to young me, as being someone more complex and sincerely dedicated. He also offed his wife with an arrow while LARPing William Tell in Mexico, but that's neither here nor there.

Forgive me should I be wrong for citing THIS book as the source, but William S. Burroughs somewhere references "trans-humanism", lonnng before these current times. It ought to be gold to those who would see value in its documented form so long ago.

He conveys a sincere desire to rise above mere "mortal" existence, dehidrating the inferior human form, and has a sincere belief (and possibly inside knowlege) that this is the ultimate goal of the powers that be.

This was sincerely startling to me in the early 90's when I read it, but he probably said it much earlier.

Is it not strange that he seemed to know some future goal which is now, in such technologically advanced times, becoming a topic of debate?

Off-topic and no replies expected. I just place it into the ether of the internets, for whatever it might be worth.


• ( https link ) Still, his shooting Shakespeare made me laugh.

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