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I was being silly. But lets get real. Ready?

Posted by luckless on Tuesday, August 29 2023 at 03:08:39AM
In reply to I don't dislike you, but... posted by griffith on Tuesday, August 29 2023 at 01:05:20AM

Im not complex. Im difficult. Fuck yes I'm fucking difficult.

On guard!

Im on cortico steroids half the time. I hate talking to you. Because you remind me of the worst of me. Is that the source of the contention between us?

I do not like you. So what? Others do like you.
You are Griffith and you have been here before me. You have nothing to prove.

It will always annoy me that you have some strange sort of autoimmune disease. How did it become animosity? A wise man once asked: 'Do you know how much a patent clerk earns?' He was talking about Einstein. Aykroyd was being practical.

Us creating friction in this cyber isn't practical. I so want for the luxury of practicality. Im not Eyeore. From now on I am going to pay attention to what you say. I wish to learn about your hobbies.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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