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New info from the Lahaina blaze.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, August 17 2023 at 03:11:22AM

Billionaires had tried to buy out the town. High-end real estate, after all. Locals said "yeah, but no." They seem to have a thing for owning Hawaii and kicking out the locals, for whatever planned new reality is to come.

Power lines were old-school, above ground, and kept live even in 70-mph winds. However, water supply magically shut down. Hawaii had best imminent warning system in the country. Yet no sirens at all? THAT'S no coincidence.

Meanwhile, over in the wealthy part of town...

No loss. Jim? Julia? All the rest? "Let me show ya somethin!"... The mansions are completely untouched and safe.

Ohhhhh, Oprah. "What a web we weave..."

And us, the miscreants?

We all see it. We allll see it.

Handing out pillows and paper products from Costco don't cut it, billionaire. It only makes you look more guilty.



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