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The Many Causes of Arrival @ Girl Attraction, 501.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, August 16 2023 at 03:55:01AM

1- Autism. Girls are easy to understand in their logical motives. ("Finally found someone to interact with and completely understand in their social cues.")

2- Predation. Girls are incredibly easy to manipulate to our will, and ensnare in our devious plans. ("That's right, come to daddy, you little effing whore.)

3- Aesthetics. Girls are so beautiful! Too beautiful, in fact, to ever entertain the idea that one might secretlty be attracted to them, or might possibly even wish to be one themselves. ("You people and your carnal desires for these total goddess girls disgust me!")

4- Latency. Well, I agree she's already very pretty, for her age. ("She's going to be so gorgeous when I'm finally allowed to publicly feel these naughty desires for her!")

5- (Female) Missed out on, or misses/takes solice in another girl's seemingly ideal childhood. She's amazing, I totally relate to her. ("This should have been ME!")

6- (Female) The under-the-radar predatory dyke. Classically the sports coach, but sometimes the teacher. You're pretty awesome at this sport or subject, skillwise. ("Mind helping me move some lumber for my carpentry project from the backyard to the bedroom?")

7- Kink dude. Will you show me your armpits in private photos? ("I will pay you in crypto. Yes, you don't know what crypto is, so here's a total step by step to make an account, so you can buy that pointless thing you want, but only AFTER showing me your HD armpits!)

8- Ultra dark dude who makes everyone else recoil upon seeing him: Point me to the international red room. ("Where is the unbearable recorded suffering that has almost nothing to do with sex at all?")

9- Clueless immature, completely trustworthy, and happy dude, with a likely long bumpy road ahead in life later. ("Oh, I'm happy to walk you home. Ice cream? OMG! I LOVE ice cream too. You're so wonderful! Let's go get some, but let's call your mum first, just so she knows.")

10- The rest of us. (It's complicated.)

Sorry, there is no affirmed PhD-level instruction on this topic as of yet:(


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