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Oprah Maui pillows. BLAH! She gona repurpose this!

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, August 13 2023 at 03:30:23AM

I will, at last, revere Oprah in the future...

When she **DOESN'T* procede to declare Lahaina a victim of climate change, with herself tending heroically to the past tragedy in real time in a documentary, handing out pillows as a spotlight, and with an inevitable obligatory input from Obama.

Oh, we see you together, brainstorming on those yachts. Don't you worry.

Watch what they do, and then remember this post.

Educate yourseves on those Maui weather conditions NOW. Hurricane was to the south, high pressure ridge to the north. Creates high winds. Western Maui was already documented as historically dry and prone to wildfire, with wooden buildings highly succeptible to the same. Historical preservations played a major part in continued succeptibility. Not expressing opinion. I loved that place. These are just uncomfortable facts that will be ignored for the sake of a different preferred narrative.

Avenge me when they rewrite the narrative later for ulterior reasons to give up your freedoms with the excuse of saving places from climate change. It ain't real. It's a power grab excuse.

Our power level is now well over 9000, Oprah, but we were never actually raping the children. That was just the influence of your own shame prodding you to believe a troll, likely due to sleeping with your uncle for all those years before later declaring u-wuz-raped.

We see what you're up to. We know your connections. There's something selfish in the future, something innit for YOU. We watch for it.

GTFO of Lahaina. We see it. Leave them alone.

"We all see it. We allll see it."


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