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Love to Lahaina (heart symbol)

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, August 10 2023 at 04:43:59AM

Such tragedy:(

So on the one hand, my past opinion was an unfair simplification of overpriced corporate beachside hotels in Hawaii, but I didn't understand the fuller picture at that time, its significance to the people, nor its important history, something I would have fallen in love with, had I just been more clued in. Banyon tree, gone. Buildings from the 1700's! Gone.

The road to Lahaina was narrow. I remember hills a hundred feet to the right, an ocean a hundred feet to the left. I passed some amazing restaurants in old-timey buildings. I wanted to eat there, but I was alone, so I just didn't. Woulda felt awkward. I'm sure the food was fantastic.

I had several wonderful and completely unexpected magical moments and magical personal interactions with girls, both times that I visited that island. I've waxxed nostalgic about one or two of those experiences in the chat more than once. It's just a completely different mindset from the mainland, but it's up to you to understand it and just go with it.

I'm near to tears to remember this, but on my trip back from Lahaina in a rental car, I was stopped at either a red light or some sort of construction delay. Seventeen years clouds the mind a little. I remember her so clearly. She was about 13, sitting in the back of a pickup with a bunch of boys. There were surfboards. She was a well-tanned girl with a giant lion's mane of thick blond hair. She had a total lock on early-cool, and I noticed it instantly. Gorgeous, and yet she just kept staring at me with no visual cues as to why. I HATE to be stared at, especially without knowing why. It turns me very hostile. East coast might understand. West coast won't. Non-US are asking wtf is he even talking about?

So we're sitting there in "traffic" for possibly eight or ten minutes. Not so long, but it felt like an eternity. The boys in the pickup bed are all chatting. This girl won't stop locking eyes with me, and I don't interpret it as anything but judgment or possible hostility for spotting a non-native. I'm not feeling any positive vibe, in spite of how beautiful she is. I start to resent her, actually. Who is SHE to judge ME without knowing me?? FUCK this girl and her shallow surfer identity (I was a surfer myself in my younger years).

Well, the traffic flow finally starts moving, the boys are still oblivious, and this one tan gorgeous young girl with the giant golden blond lion's mane.. smiles at me and the heavens open. I smile back, and then she gives me the shakka sign. I was shocked, but I gave the sign back to her and I think I even bowed my head. They went straight (north?) and I had to turn east, back to my hotel. Pretty sure I cried at least part of the way.

I later felt like she was studying me or looking through me, arriving at a decision after long contemplation that I was alright, in a time back then of massive public pedo-hate. I was in my 30's. It meant so much to me, as ridiculous as that might sound to many who will never understand. I rarely speak of it.

Anyway, it's forever connected to a trip to Lahaina. So I send them sincere love in their time of need.

I wanted to link the old YT vid of the young blonde surfer sisters from Lahaina, but like any great video, it either got deleted or can no longer be found (I liked the older sis myself.)

So here's another girl, sensually tuned in to nature at an early age.


• ( https link ) Young adept surfer girls are SUCH total beauty.

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