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RIP, Paul Ruebens:

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, August 01 2023 at 04:44:26AM

Pee-Wee Herman gone:(

Sincere sendoff.

"The Alamo doesn't have a basement!"

Will never forget the strange and quirky approach of this fine actor.

I was highly entertained by his random appearances on Reno 911, where he seemed to solve all the mass-murders too quickly in his red beret.

But nothing compares...

Noth-ing compares... to him..

freakin' out Tommy Chong in that Cheech n Chong movie at the Chinese restaurant.

Reubens: "So, you hear about these women they're dippin' in wax down at the wax museum?"

Chong, suddenly getting all paranoid: " CHEEEEECH???"

Most underrated brief clip ever.

Vid clip to this moment, sadly, does not currently exist.


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