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I'm no particular fan of Donald Trump

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, July 22 2023 at 03:53:31AM

But at the same time. I was able to decipher LONNNNG ago, that he is not an enemy to the American people. Call him a narcissist, or even a sociopath. I will not interject. After all, aren't most billionaires? He honestly believes he is doing the bidding of the American people, and he is also averse to war. Good enough in my book.

The swamp will put him in prison to keep him from running for president. If this doesn't work, he will be assasinated by the typical "lone gunman". This degrades the USA to a mere "Banana Republic" status, and anyone who fails to see this approaching clusterfuck, isn't worth their own salt.

Free yourselves from imposed narratives, from any side. They always make you look weak-minded and desperately invested. Think for yourselves.


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