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Car Commercials, Second Only To Big Pharma Adverts

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 19 2023 at 03:15:12AM

Or, When I Discovered What Psychologically Researched Intel From Big Money Could Buy Me On My Summer Vacation?

(Yeah, kind of a clunky instant title. Workin on it. Not Really.)

So it's not old people gardening. Apparently that's no good in the vehicle realm.

It's still rather fascinating, though.

"Put a big truck into view with windmills in the background. Our research has shown that many people are morons, and that basic visual cues are enough for them to part ways with their money, as that famous circus dude sorta said about suckers."

This is the high-end advertising product you get for your massive corporate payment to the advertiser. Congrats.

OTOH, the scary part is... it MUST actually work, or they would never actually BUY those advertisng skills. Right? ...RIGHT??? I mean, is the public really THAT gullible? Please don't affirm:(

Skip over to this OTHER car/truck commercial.

Loli.. closeup... licking an ice cream cone? Dude. DUUUUUDE. I am about to drop an intel-bomb on all you deep-research advertising gurus. Girl-lovers are absolutely MESMERISED by a young girl licking an ice cream cone. You might as well consider the sale of any garbage product a done deal! This inside scoop will translate to many millions in free profit from me. Thank you, thank you. My only hope is that all of you will remember to kick me back a modest amount to finally pay off my old student loans.


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