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High-Oohh!!! YES!!!

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 18 2023 at 01:10:51AM

You are CORRECT, sir!

Sometimes I miss Phil Hartman and his long-forgotten comedic nuance:/

His random wandering through completely-unrelated SNL skits as a Charleton Heston character from Planet of the Apes? Golden. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Didn't matter to anyone pro or con to Heston's politics. It was too funny and random to even try to apply a motive. Sorta like that Robot Dance guy who randomly appeared in Chappelle's skits, or the twins from India in red knit caps that randomly appear in a CK Lewis Louie episode. Sometimes just a brief break from narrative with a random dose of unreasonable chaos is a comedic breather of comedic respect man. Jeez, DARE to just break from the script for a second and revel in a funny that needs no rhyme nor political reason.

Ugh! This is how the talent faded. YES! Shitty writing brings shitty talent. YOU are the talent. They only have to perform the idea as intended by way of your hints.

Up your game, increase the viewership, REFLECT popular opinion, and by and by.. the profits will arrive, and you then have the solid uppr-hand for negotiation. Declining viewership and the profits that follow? Not a way to success, unless or until the approval of the public no longer matters to the owners of the subsidieries you're working for. In that latter case, go on with your demands, please.

Yes, you are correct, sir. I have zero connection to Hollywood. Just a random reflection of an honest thought.


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