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My Hollywood Scab-Writer Pitch:

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 14 2023 at 03:30:53AM


So hear me out:

It's an animated thing, with two cigarettes debating one another on American politics and culture, with HIGHLY animated facial expressions, one with lipstick, and one who looks slightly chubby. The animators will figure that part out to great amusement in their own right. That's their own expertise.

DUDE... how cool would it be to pit Miley Cyrus and Alex Jones against one another within that animated context in discussions/debates? Alex is a true gentleman toward women, and Miley also knows the deep shit about Hollywood. And they're both even from Texas, yes?

Even just a test run of such a thing would be so outside the box. Truth be told, it's just something that would make me laugh, because I have seen great talent in both of these individuals over the years, and something makes me suspect that they they could cross the divide and bravely meet in the great abyss.

And afaik, I don't "think" either of them even actually SMOKE cigarettes, even though they totally sound like it.

Come on, man. There have been worse ideas, yeah?

I'd sell the idea just for paying off my very modest old student loan.


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