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"Some pedos are psychopaths."

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 11 2023 at 1:09:59PM

Long ago, at the height of Annabell's notice, I was a young-ish determined girl lover, and I sought (privately) opinions from various individuals of note who might offer back an honest opinion.

One of those who actually replied back then, was a semi-famous anarchist. In a rather humbling hand-written letter, they explained to me that the root issue regarding non-acceptance was the power differential between adult and child.

This has haunted me ever since. This person was incredibly open minded, unaffected by mainstream propaganda.

What I've seen in the pedo world myself seems to pit two groups against one another. There are some who gravitate to it exactly for feelings of power. They do not hesitate to admit that all mainstream pedophilia sterotypes are true. Their love is domination, and little girls fit the bill for them.

I have been around this community for many years, and I am able to speak with at least some level of authority, that these individuals are a minority.

The majority of those who sincerely love children are drawn to them for reasons which actually empower them. The child learns that the adult has a form of reverence for them. This empowerment, however, comes with a set of responsibilities for the adult who adores them.

When you take on a child who understands you marvel at them, you simultaneously take on a responsibility to set boundries, and to use their experience with you for teaching right behavior. Otherwise, you only inflate a young ego, to their future detriment.


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