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"We never landed people on the moon."

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, July 10 2023 at 04:23:23AM

Posted: 7/10/23.

(off topic)

What's YOUR "craziest" lifelong belief?

I'd say mine is my belief that the USA didn't have the required technology to land men on the moon in 1969, and especially not to return them back to the earth. I think the more years that roll by will only make it more obvious to everyone.

I believe the initiative was honest, vocalized by JFK as an answer to the Soviets and their Sputnik.

OTOH, my suspicion is that the same folk who had JFK eliminated, later cynically took his idea and turned it into a propaganda psy-op. After all, the public would have been eager to see their former beloved president's initiative come to fruition. Questioning it at that time would have meant instant condemnation. It would, and did, represent a final answer to who was winning the space race, or at least who controlled the narrative of it.

Also, I am not invested in this to the point of gallantly trying to defend my opinion. I won't engage in debate over it. It's just an example of a so-called "outlandish" belief I've held for many years, and I wonder what some of yours might be.

Also, I may be wrong, but I don't believe Elon Musk has ever been asked if he believes the US had the required technology, in 1969, to send people to the moon and back again. I am curious, because if anyone knows, and if anyone is willing to share their honest answer, I'd think it would be him.

So, fellow GL'ers, care to share your "craziest" belief for all to see?


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