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Tired issue, placing "pedo" label upon thine enemy

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, July 09 2023 at 03:38:24AM

The standard seems to be, that the people opposed to your own politics and your own ideals, often have pedo tendencies.

It is becoming a tired spin.

Reality is more difficult.

Those who dig deeper already know there is no political distinction where sexual attractions are concerned. There might be a tendency to lean to left or right at times, but sexual attraction alone has no absolute predictability regarding anyone's overall political preferences. The ywo are not connected, despite whatever bonus points they could achieve by being connected.

We who secretly dabble in various non-harmful taboos are everywhere. It's just the basic fact, man. This is being human. No judgment.

Truth. Accept it or deny it. Personally, I simply shrug at most internet content these days. It's all so fake or calculated anyway. You are only alienating us in your attempts to control us.


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