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What u mus never admit bout rampant "gun-violence"

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 04 2023 at 05:13:34AM

Factual Truth:

Violence against those of same-race.

Remove these "few" anomalies...

And legal gun-ownership suddenly overrides the given reasons and intense demand for disarmament of the US popuulation as a whole, because only these urban areas are actual problems.


And I'm not even into guns personally, but I see the reality anyway.

So, seriously. Who you people tryin' to kid anyway? What's driving you????

I am fascinated that you are still fooling some, or even anyone, honestly.

Disarmament of the population is an actually documented "process" for certain political goals of even just the last century alone. How does this calmly pass below anyone's radar?? I'll never understand it.

So it might be worth contemplating, no matter one's eventual and ultimate individual opinon. There are forces out there, working the left and right, fot an eventuality which destroys both.

Yes, it's still a hard sell, but it's the Truth. Time is the master, the one which is beyond manipulation of Truth.


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