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Drew B must get forever-pass at our humble old GC.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, July 01 2023 at 03:50:34AM

And no, not for her Hollywood royalty roots, but in spite of them. If I got trashed for everything else I've ever said here over two decades, this would be the single thing I'd plead to honor from my fellow true girl lovers.
She went through some early shit, but she has that flower-child root, but an actual one, which is much more rare than the label that got thrown around. This girl is driven by love and nothing else. It has never left her over the years. And she was so incredibly cute and spunky and dreamy as a kid besides. She doesn't accept the jaded thing that comes with age, or at least she won't show it, which would still be equally as admirable anyway. She works to place positivity into the world. This is valuable beyond compare.

I can disagree with this girl and still adore her forever anyway, just simply knowing what source drives her.

Plus, hey, she gave it good to Tom Green once upon a time, a highly deserving offbeat genius to me. Genuine organic comedy kills her and it kills me as well, and my own comedy faves have always been my neighbors to the north, so in some respects I *think* I get her. For instance, I know she adores my own classic hero, John Candy without even needing to ask her. Btw? That guy is still shamefully unlifted. He was so incredibly talented, wholesome, and funny to all while staying PG. Why is he not in a greater hall of fame? Huh? Really tho, huh? (This is key to why Hollywood just sucks.)

So yeah, I think she's nevertheless earned the free GC pass. Anyone who dares trash her in the future had better provide some damned good proof. This would be my wish.


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