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Target Stores. Should I Feel Conflicted Now?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 28 2023 at 03:33:22AM

So like, they're based in Chicago and have some sketch connections to Oprah for starters. I have issues with her below-ground political beliefs and which power brokers she hob-knobs with.

(Plus, in a million years I will never forgive her inviting beautiful, innocent, and star-struck "Cindy Model" (sp?) onto her show, only for that "gotcha" moment that made her cry for the camera. For me personally, it was a true character epiphany for the likes of Oprah, who apparently did stuff with her uncle for YEARS and then after she got famous, claimed it was abuse she had no way out of. My anger level at both her bullshit and what she did to that girl who was only posing for tame images of her beauty? (Well, back then it was VERY high, clearly over 9,000.)


This is actually about Target. Stay on point, Eeyore.

This place was eagerly involved in the gener bathrooms debacle some years ago, and more recently involved in the scandal about pro-trans clothing for little kids, who in all reality have no clue nor interest in asserting their gender identity to the world with the generic raised fist trope. They just want to play.

So imagine my surprise when one of my pet topics seemed to present itself: Very young girls.. say 6-7 or less, going topless in their swimsuits. These are ages below my own attraction level by the way, so I have no personal interest to say that I feel it is both stupid to hide tiny kindergarten-level nipples, which are still not hidden at all in many parts of the world by the way, but I also assert that it actually does the opposite of its intent. In reality, it actually serves to INCREASE the sexualization of tiny nipples. The entire idea of hiding them is to assert that *pubescence* is where sexual attraction kicks in. When girls develop BREASTS, then that is the point where the debate ensues regarding to cover-up or not cover-up. I've been to places on this globe where even older but still breasless girls run along the beaches topless and carefree, and even seen them as such in television programs and commercials. These regions have it right. What you see all the time tends not to excite the male libido. What is hidden as taboo tends to do the opposite when revealed in secret.

So imagine my surprise, to see a bunch of kids running round a lawn sprinkler for a Target commercial recently. No, I did not see any tiny nipples. Perish the thought. However, one of the kids was a younger girl of about five years, and from the back as she ran around the sprinkler, she was clearly topless.

So how do I process this apparent connundrum? Do I stick to my instincts that this is a corporation not to be trusted, or do I suddenly run to their side for daring to hint at very young topless girls being an okay and not-sexual thing as it used to be? Not actually confused, but would still like to hear opinions, whether here on the board, or out there.. in the wild.

This goes back to a fear I've had for several years now. How willing will true child lovers run to the side of any power broker entity, of any political persuation, who suddenly sends them a signal that they accept their attraction? I think the bait will unfortunately be incredibly enticing should it occur. Many will jump at it, throwing caution and discernment to the wind, after so many years of rejection and persecution. It's a real fear for a development which I see approaching. Sooner or later.

So Target commercial, and topless kindergarteners. Thoughts? Anyone? Buhler?



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