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GC Search down? 404 Not Found

Posted by rocinante on Tuesday, June 27 2023 at 07:17:48AM

Pardon me for being away for many years, as I suspect that my concern may have been discussed ad-nauseam. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong as the end-user of this site...

I was trying to look through old posts, specifically to find insight about a topic from the community which I hope could help me learn more about myself in the process. (For the specific topic I had in mind, see my other most made right after this one...)

I suspect search may have been disabled on purpose to prevent bad actors from stalking and related behaviors? Or perhaps, there's a more simple technical explanation. I can't complain about a free service.

To all that may remember me from over a decade ago, I hope you are all as well as I can be!

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