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Wait, Ryan Reynolds..?

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 27 2023 at 02:52:10AM

Was almost willing to switch teams for his Hollywood overlords as he did, but STILL ignored my former Canadian actor-loli and her stated love interest of him? The young girl who soon wisely abandoned Hollywood in spite of her great looks and then later distanced herself from it altogether, while older lez hangers-on from New Zealand (of all places) took a strange liking to her, behind the scenes. One of my lesser-known girls was obsessed about by the same individuals, whom I had no understanding of nor connection to. They were just adult females drooling for MY girls after all. Something crazy in their minds.

I make no point, nor proclamation. It just felt strange. And they also liked American blondes of the same age just as much as those from other western countries. Because I encountered them on social media whenever I elicited a lucky fan's reply from such girls. In turn, I'd get replies from nics who were clearly older than the girl, but also clearly still female, with proof.

I have no idea how such pieces can be attached to one another by others. I just place them out there with a sworn honesty that they took place in the past, and it just felt rather odd to a grown male to receive replies from (actual) young adult women who seemed to like the same young girls that I did, and in the same ways. Add recent social contagions to the mix. Things start to seem odd when realities collide.

This post went off track somewhere, but hopefully someone will gain a little insight from it anyway. It's honestly a true past social media experience. FTR, I consider myself "straight." I am turned off and alienated by male body parts as well as fake body parts and any reverse cosplay of the sexes, alien to original birth sex. This does not necessarily mean I hate them, nor support them. My age attractions alone are the single issue of resistance to the haters I've encountered, and this very long road of pot-holes just feels a more honest and truly worked-for status, than a suddenly appearing and astro-turfed, well- paved freeway which has resulted in drastic identifying numbers in such a short number of years. This simply does not suggest naturally evolving yearnings nor preferences. In humble honesty, it only suggests sovial contagian upon the young and impressionable, and an internal, assymetric warfare upon one's own people, while trying to overthrow single-country soverereign governments worldwide, who do not bow to the globalist conquest. Is that what is occurring in my United States? I certainly hope it is not, but my gut feels are not-well these days:(

Not all of us see through what is fed to us.

The dangerous ones among us tend see through it routinely. You are frauds, with views of human expendibility, for your ultimate goals of global dominance.

We all see it. We all see it.


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