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another alternative

Posted by Baldy on Sunday, June 25 2023 at 00:45:31AM
In reply to I HATE Papa Murphy's Pizza Commercial's Daughter! posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 20 2023 at 04:13:06AM

I've never heard of Papa Murphy's Pizza before. The idea of Irish branded pizza seems a little odd to me, too.

But I found this commercial, and ... what?


[Shows a hot little girl]

Papa Murphy's $5 faves are HOT!

(She looks like a GREAT deal at $5)

[More footage of girl at home, representing a daughter?]

Because you bake all those fresh pizza ingredients in your own oven...

(Is she saying what I think she's saying? Apparently yes, a daughter.)

[More footage of hot girl]

...and you can taste the difference.

(taste her, you say?)

[hot girl is sad]

When it cools a little, of course.

(So, how old does she have to be?)

Papa Murphy's $5 faves - fresh home-baked ingredients that defy a $5 pizza.

Fill your table with it almost TOO hot from your oven - Papa Murphy's faves for just $5 every day. Fresh baked, fresh made, LOVE at 425 degrees.


Is Papa Murphy's advertising incest?

• ( https link ) Hot hot hot!

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