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Stop effing with the Mormans, and also the Amish.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, June 23 2023 at 04:40:23AM

My GC nic was crowned upon me in the year 2000 by a rebellious 13-year-old Morman girl. I will never stop admitting that, but it also made me explore that humble faith, probably to her chagrin.

I once nearly killed myself and others while driving through northern Minnesota, trying to avoid an Amish horse and carriage. It was really and honestly that close to a catastrophy.

These two groups don't eff with anyone. They only wish to be left alone. The promise of the USA is supposed to guarantee their safety.

They have the legal right to insist upon protection to live according to their values. And they should NEVER be shy about EXERCISING these legal rights provided to them by the Constitution.

Both groups are good and honest people. I've interacted with both, and they have better morals than most other Americans. We should actually *Treasure them* as a part of our history and current diversity. This is how I feel for real.


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