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Gwen Stefani was a total heartthrob to me.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, June 22 2023 at 04:44:44AM

Just thinkin'.

In one respect she was sort of a scene girl, but she had the courage to show her true heart and vulnerable side. And it wasn't a calculated thing for success either.

Which is why she clicked with a country singer. And I'm not even into country music.

I've marveled at that whole thing. She was quite the babe. Glad someone scooped her up.

That whole story flies in the face of calculated entertainment fakery. So she'll always be a true babe to me. The true dominant females of this world have the courage to admit their true vulnerabilities to this same world. There is no other female more desirable to the heterosexual male, who instinctively craves to protect, defend and revere her, as an expression of his adoration and loyalty. At base level, we all want to be someone's knight in shining armor.

While the interaction can sometimes come with later discovered insincerity, it is nevertheless The Way, and is mostly real and true. This is just the normal and healthy interaction between the sexes as it has been throughout the ages and the history of humanity.

So mind the blip.

It has a short shelf-life. Biology is quite a difficult foe to overcome for short-sighted profiteers, and the psychopathic god-complex individuals who motivate them. They dream big, always underestimating the understanding and power of all the "little people" every time, due to the purposely unrecognized handicaps of their own brains.

Go Gwen, for remaining a true female even in spite of fame.

Hmm, I think I knew one of your long lost cousins.


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