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"Don't forget your Triscuits!"

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 17 2023 at 04:10:28AM

(Posted: 6/17/23)

Thank you, Sandy Duncan. (What? Who?)

Stick with me.

That famous angry cook, second only to Anthony Bourdain (rest his badass immortal soul), had a formerly underaged daughter. I had to wait until later to admire her publicly online, as I often do for fear of unnecessary panic.

I couldn't understand why, but she made me swoon beyond the heavens. She was so classy, so discrete, so intricate and complex. Seemed to have dad wrapped around her little finger without actually trying at all.

I just wanted to note there once was a fascinating low-key girl with a capital "T".

I do not know and have never met nor spoken with any of them. These are only observations from nobody in particular. Random girls who have stood out for honest qualities beyond the physical, yet difficult to define.

True girl lovers do actually notice and value personality traits. Contrary to acceptable opinion, we are not lions in tall grass waiting to pounce upon the abandoned antelope.


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