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Just gonna keep zeroing in on that Go-Go's vid.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at 03:40:46AM

Because I think it made a real statement.

chicks were saying something to the world, too cryptic for the people of the 80's.

You wanna talk actual female empowerment? Seems to me it's women saying they weren't victims, not even when they were young, claiming they chose it by their own volition, and then endured the social consequence fallout later. Rejecting the required shame foisted upon them without anyone ever considering their own personal input before labelling something as abuse.

That's why I love that video so much, even as I hate actual whores.

They were not whores. They were young females exercising personal judgment as free individuals, and any "free" movement that does not release such females, in favor of the rather preferred "men are rapists" ruse... are complete and utter con-artists.

Break your chains.


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