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So why do YOU like art, lil girl?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 10 2023 at 04:36:32AM

Posted: 6/10/23

"Well, I like art because my parents hated one another to the point of near violence and it was my only escape from a reality of constant fear and lack of familial stability? Also, because my later step-dad assured me that my mom wasn't the true prize like I was.

Ugh. All those other wrong paths that usually lead to later resentment foisted upon us unfairly. Are we to try to discern and clarify them, or don't even bother? Is it less or more "aborant" to desire a "non-relative" either by DNA or by law? Fetish-motivated thoughts not considered.

Is the challenge-wall too high? Moral concerns too puzzling, or too quaint for these corrupted current times?

I'd honestly like to hear the answers myself from all quarters anyway, TBH. Not stated specifically here at this place, but just the echoes from the internet and free media more generally.


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