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Russia's gonna win that thing.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 31 2023 at 04:24:06AM

I'll step up to say it. I'm perfectly willing to wait for hindsight. Are any of those reading willing to do the same? Your daring predictions could translate to future leadership after all.

Just sayin'. Do not conclude I support them. I am not invested. Just daring to declare the obvious.

And no, that does not currently mean Russia will then get hungry and invade other places to their west. Of course, other western places outsource their own sovereignty to international overseers which will then likely become a potential problem to the global social order, no? How this reality would affect countries willing to part with their own sovereignty seems to be a potential illness which threatens the longstanding order of things globally, no?

More a message to the centurian Kissinger than you, per se, from an unabashed nobody.

Your own self-importance is not intentionally being threatened.

And still, you wish for the return of the one you smeared for his beliefs and likened him to Hitler not so long ago.

Am I suddenly to start believing that long trail of bullshit I've witnessed for so many years prior? An historical grind in the gears. You will not make this poster back down. I've got the goods.

Ugh. We're so in need of new and honest registrations. Board will soon fade into nothingness without new blood.


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