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My adorable little Pappasavas, booted by a Hadid.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 26 2023 at 04:06:11AM

Sounds racist, but it's not.

Okay, MY Gigi looked hella amazing as a kid. Still cute even now. However, it's an unfortunate reality that most LG supermodels with incredible looks... aren't also blessed with incredible acting skills. Getting the luck of the draw in not one, but TWO ways? Incredibly rare.

BUT THAT'S OKAY!! Men of all kinds will still brutally murder other men just to make babies with you after you're older! Lonnng after we girl lovers lose that early spark for you. Not kidding. You can just keep being hot and go into real estate or stuff like that, and people will buy that property because you are hot and know how to work it. It's a pretty safe gig.

I'd totally buy a house from a former child supermodel. But in my case, only signing an old glossy photo for me would ever seal the deal. Hey man, we don't get no lovin' and we deal with it. So there'd better be a bigass heart on that old autographed glossy! Specially if we're gonna need to replace the roof! :p

This is why (up-arrow).

(Eeyore adored Gigi.)


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