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Family: Marxism. Genus: Western Marxism. Species:

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 24 2023 at 02:54:55AM

Climate, Race, Sexual Preference, etc., etc.

It took some time, but I think I may have finally figured out what Dissident was saying to me.

On the same day, I think I may have also discovered why child lovers have still not been lured to come under the same species umbrella.

We still represent a valuable weaponized tool for defeating Christianity. This is not defense of Christianity, but merely an intellect of modest means trying to "war-game" the intentions of various others. Christianty, and especially the Catholic Church, has ancient moral values which still stand in the way of global takeover of humanity.

So I get befuddled here sometimes, seeing how Catholic forces most of all, are supporting and encouraging mass-invasions of various wealthier sovereign countries by illegal means, based on claimed Bible teachings. In that regard, it would appear they are supporting Western Marxist globalist-minded takeover plans, despite historical Catholic claims that their church detests Communism. How they encourage the plots of aspiring global-minded tyrants while claiming to hate their political systems honestly confuses me, but that is probably a sidebar to the hint of enlightenment I expressed at the start of this post.

I think mAYBE I now get what our great Dissident was explaining to me months ago.

Also, something about feudal agrarian inroads, capitalist failure, and Frankfurt school.

Sorry, this stuff not my forte.


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