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Well, you see, there's a war upon the West.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, May 18 2023 at 02:32:40AM
In reply to Why are teachers giving porn to kids? posted by hierophant on Wednesday, May 17 2023 at 3:03:20PM

You either see it and all of its forms and manifestations, or you don't. IMPO, those who still don't see it aren't even worth trying to reach anymore. They will not see it in time.

It should be curious to all of us, that this porn and sex-ed for kids is not simply trying to enlighten kids as to its biology and their bodily autonomy. What it's actually doing is promoting sexual preferences which do not lead to propagating offspring at best, and further promoting sexual self-identification that leads to physical inability to ever have kids at all, with the side-gift of mental health issues and high suicide rates, a burden which society will be saddled with in the coming years as the fruits of this education come to harvest.

It's ingenious, really.

And I will never comprehend proclaimed child lovers who defend paths which lead not only to fewer children being born, but too few even to maintain population numbers.

I mean it to the depth of my being, and I say it whenever and wherever I can:

*Home school your kids.*


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