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Hello, still around

Posted by Oakowi on Tuesday, May 16 2023 at 5:02:34PM

Yes, after so much time past by I realized why my spare time isn't like it was when I first became a member. Around 6 years ago I was living with my mother at an old age. My mother was a kind of person that wanted her kids to stay instead of moving out. Well, anyways I would stay in my downstairs bedroom and not many people would bother me. I had an ok amount of privacy and mostly chilled out in my room after working an 8 hour shift. I would always wind down and log onto Girl Chat and enjoy the rest of my day. I liked when Sancho Panza would give the humor and Trucker with his sharp wit. Dante was the advisor. Dissident was like a Girl Chat attorney. Baldur was the sheriff that kept order. Gimwinkle was the gentle giant in the room and you all are my friends. My memory is spotty as I get older. I'm seeing that I'm forgetting passwords and long ago memories. Not because I'm going senile, it is that I have so much information packed into my limited chaotic head. Now I have to keep my info in journals to preserve any precious memories I want to cherish.

My mother has since passed away, and a family relative sold the house. I moved into a small place, where the community is quiet but distant. I have friends that call me frequently, and always ask for me to join them. So much so it's hard to stay still. Hopefully when I retire, I can go back to that quietish time I had when I lived with my mother. I'm mostly watching Youtube, and looking at Twitter. I'm in the process of trying to organize my messy little home. So much content on Twitter and Youtube both positive and negative. I want to try to balance my time, but every time I get one obstacle out the way, it seem 2 more appear. I am so glad that Girl Chat is still around, and I would be beside myself if something were to happen to it. This community helped me keep my sanity and I'm grateful. I hope Girl Chat will be here hundreds of years beyond. Miss you guys!


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