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Only a humongous fail?

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 14 2023 at 01:21:21AM
In reply to early messages posted by NFiH on Wednesday, May 10 2023 at 10:02:12AM

The first two effing years of posts just go poof due to absent-mindedness?

I often feel like host forces have worked against this pink place for years.

Maybe they just never gave a shit.

The irony is that LEA's certainly have a more complete history tucked away that we do. How do all you GL's feel about that?

This close to just saying fuck it.

One can't keep the historical record alive when it's in the hands of people who "lose" it because they have nothing invested in it, or don't pay attention to expiring leases for the same reason. Blue place's posting history has been carefully curated and its parts kept online, so what else could be the logical explanation behind site-killing half-efforts that go on over here?

The answer is easy. Those who don't feel this love don't really care about keeping its history alive. Too bad I never learned the tech side of running a website. I would have saved the entire GC archive to some place years ago, back when I was imploring others to do back them up for this very reason.

5/13/23 (dated this post manually because my other posts are reappearing with later dates again.)


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