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Beware, The Approaching Pseudo-Acceptance.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 03 2023 at 03:53:47AM

Think. Before nibbling on bait.

Many plots abound in these days of global shifts and uncertainty.

I can easily be dismissed or censored. I know this even better than my foe.

However, I know there are forces at work, plotting to use the love between children and adults, in a deceptive way, to destroy society, traditions, what have you.

I've felt it approaching for some time, and we ARE going to see this occur, with honest child lovers buying into the deception. The acceptance is going to take the form of a chaotic free-for-all, resulting in a disaster for our cause, for which the public backlash will not allow us to recover from for many years.

We are seen as a mere tool for a goal of destruction. Whether the happy-face arrives from the UN or some other entity, you all need to be vigilant and seeing far into the future. I am becoming increasingly fearful on a personal level, as I know I've been hinting lately.

Realize that sometimes, the strangers offering candy might one day be targeting us.

I sense it coming soon. Be warned: It is not true acceptance.


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