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Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, April 29 2023 at 11:54:19PM
In reply to What are those sexy anime girl carwindow stickers? posted by Eeyore on Saturday, April 29 2023 at 7:26:48PM

I have a few friends that have those stickers everywhere. Not something I'd put on my car, but they find more anime fan friends themselves having those on there.

It's maybe half of anime have cute/sexy girls in them that are very much intended to be attractive. If I had known how often it appeared in anime I'd have been watching anymore. I mean I'm watching another anime recently that was with big boobed girls very much intended for guys interested in very adult women. Then out of nowhere one of the big boobed ladies falls for a little girl and schemes to try to be alone with her more because she likes her. You would never guess that anime would have anything to do with that due to the trailer or the cover. It's just randomly in there. Like many of them.

Even in the other 50% most of them have a cute little girl. Even if they aren't intended to be there for eye candy.

It's hard for me to even think of an anime other than stuff from the 60's and before that doesn't have something we'd be interested in as Girl Lovers. There's a few animal anime I guess.

The main point is they over include little girls in their shows to an insane degree. And I'm there for it.

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