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How they've re-crafted Marxist rebellion 4-the US:

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 28 2023 at 03:46:56AM

Being disenchanted myself by both left and right, and the unified monster which already absorbed and neutered them, I think there might be some merit to the curious tweeking (which Dissident may have suggested here in a post previously) of it. "Allow a 'Marxist' revolt by leftist useful idiot widgets, without coming after the monied interests funding them for a different purpose entirely, ignoring the entire theoretical basis of classic Marxism.

In other words, "we can maintain control and top-down domination, by re-focusing them on tearing down all cultural institutions instead of coming after our economic power as was the original form of Marxism. In this way, the widgets remain puppets on strings, receiving their targets from we who finance all of it, not realizing their own imminent fate once they have destroyed it all on our behalf."

Yeah, I can totally see that being the underlying plan for the purple-haired nose-ring armies.

Whether that is right or wrong, it is quite sad how easily they are strung along in any case. So broken, clueless and seduced by whimsical utopias, all of them:/


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