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Like most others,

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, April 27 2023 at 05:40:46AM
In reply to Elon Musk spreading the word about Alice Day posted by Neutrino on Wednesday, April 26 2023 at 8:51:10PM

The final say is out on his ultimate goals in my mind.

If he can reject Alex Jones while simultaneously warming up to the claims he's been making for decades, then why not the same interaction toward anything else?

It's all a multi-dimensional chess game to someone like that. I could come to believe he's on the side of globalist domination, on the "speciesist" side of humanity, or even a secret double agent. Why not triple agent? His role currently is ushering in many things which might enslave or eliminate humans, while his other role is being ignored or maligned by powers that be which are more clearly tyrranical in their own expressed intent. A curious character to all.

Time is his ultimate unmasker. Can't stay that vague forever without some "otherworldly" gymnastics:p

On a more Occam note.. big money is looking for any reason to kill the twitter he bought, now that he revealed what it was being used for, and unless i'm out of touch, pedo is still the third rail for bad PR. More likely his personal feelings had little to do with it at all would be the hunch.


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