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Help me get back to my happy-place? Anna-Kat.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 14 2023 at 05:28:23AM

So there was an episode of "American Housewife" where there was a Christmas tree and the mom was mad at HER mom or something...

I wasn't able to pay close attention...

I noticed anyway, that Anna-Kat seems to take a rather dumb-male admirer of her older sister under her underage-wing. He's very honest but very gullible, and she seems to take a liking to him. The episode ends with her face-timing with him as she lays on her bed, with her plastic horse figures. He is on her screen, and voicing the male horse. Even though the premise is that she knows he is not very smart, she seems rather smitten with his sincerity and interaction anyway.

It just seemed like a rather cute and honest loving inter-generational interaction. (Though it might be a first which we failed to notice).

I dunno the episode. Late-comer to the show that she totally owned but: "quite the special girl."

She was my HER. I always knew she existed.

Now I pray she still thrives on and doesn't become a Hollywood throwaway. She seems too smart and talented fort that.

And anyway, how could such a proper barnstormer not rise higher without a bastion of hypocrites being noticed? :p


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