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Here we go.. *eye roll*

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, April 03 2023 at 01:02:36AM
In reply to a secret cabal wants to trans the children! posted by paper-doll on Sunday, April 02 2023 at 11:31:08PM

Bowing with humility on the internet usually gets you a kick in the face from somebody, or two. It signifies weakness and opportunity. No wonder so few dare to do it. Meh, no surprise. No regret. No problem.

Shall we trade stats? Let me know.

"only .5% of the U.S. population are trans."

They're working on that in the schools now. One in five kids in public school now thinks they identify, so give it time. I have no issue with those who come to the conclusion naturally, though I would still not consider it "normal" either. My issue with trans is about indoctrination. You sound trollishly insincere wielding that "hate" term so flippantly. I don't even believe your heart is even in it, to be perfectly honest. But I will trudge onward anyway.

"And the numbers indicate that the trans population isn't growing as mass psychosis overtakes Americans."

Which numbers? Does that include public schools? Enlighten us, please.

"At least I can't make sense of how transgender people coming out as trans has anything to do with undermining society."

I would differentiate between coming out after years of suffering in silence, and coming out because it's currently trendy, or because you are fragile in knowing your own identity, or because you are a 13-year-old girl whose friends are suddenly identifying as trans after learning about it in school.

For further research, if my assertion that the trans identity is not merely being accepted, but is actually being encouraged, then simple logic would statistically suggest a higher rate of suicide in the future, along with an even lower birth-rate than the current unsustainable decline. That would seem to undermine society to me, though not you, apparently.

"trans people can dress how they want and get whatever medical procedure they want done."

I await our html to be restored, as I would have crossed out "people" and replaced it with "adults". Media seems to have this same problem with intentional vagueness. I had one or two random and brief episodes of "unusual" feelings as a kid. Maybe not in terms of my own identity, but in terms of attraction. They quickly went away, but what if my teacher had declared some new identifier for me, or my doctor declared I needed reassignment surgery? Children are often fluid as they mature. Leave them the hell alone and let them discover their own path. Political goals may suffer as a result. My deepest apologies for that.

"hating on a group"

Hating on a strategy. I have never had any issue with those who came to identify with it strictly on their own. Keep saying I just hate them and this will all get very boring very quickly.

Either way, glad to see people engage in civil debate. Feeling nostalgia suddenly.

"I wish my brother Diss was here.."


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