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SSRI's, other drugs,

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, April 02 2023 at 9:19:07PM
In reply to hmm? posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, April 02 2023 at 0:53:04PM

...and the internet making it possible to seek out those who will validate whatever viewpoints you already have. Nobody likes to defend their own beliefs anymore if you haven't noticed. Having to defend "one's own truth" (whatever that even means) is something "mean" and "hurtful" now. How dare you question it. A different opinion is to be shouted down like a child covering his ears and screaming. It says they don't know how to defend what they believe. They just want it validated. People can't even give lectures at academic institutions anymore unless the adult children already agree. Intellectual challenge is a threat. It is "violence" to them now, thanks to their years of programming.

Of course, the same would surely be said of child lovers finding one another online and validating one another's so-called "wrong" views. However, I see a difference between sharing a love for people or things or hobbies, and say, finding those "pro-ana" sites to validate and encourage one another's mental health issue and causing sometimes permanent damage to your own physical health. ..or the other popular cults today, such as where morbidly obese people insist that they are healthy and should be praised for not being able to climb a flight of stairs without stopping for a break. So now media throws them in your face like they are some sort of glamour models.

I also think these child love boards made some pretty strong and thoughtful arguments in defense of our love for kids over the years. We didn't just plug our ears and yell, or ask for a safe space to retreat to. We didn't have that option anyway. We took on the arguments against this love, and did a pretty good job at throwing off the sinister stereotypes, which do apply to some who desire kids sexually.

It's a whole lot harder to deny biological reality, so I get why they prefer to call those who question these things "bigots" or "meanies." It's the easy way, to not have to think. Now there are funded organizations (hmm.. follow the money?) trying to convince trans that they are being "genocided" and to take up arms against what I suppose is "The Patriarchy" or whatever nuanced term they use against traditional global norms regarding male-female roles and interactions and the purposes behind them (such as having children for a future generation to exist). This is just another calculated weaponization of groups that are programmed to believe they are victimized by society, are weak-minded, made to fear for their lives, and then told to arm themselves, or to riot, or to destroy statues or other representations of society and history, and to simply cause chaos. All of these people in these groups are *widgets* coming off an assembly line of programming, and it is easy to see that they are given free reign to go around causing destruction and mayhem everywhere. They are not held to legal account in most cases, which speaks to having puppet masters in high places who can force authorities to stand down. None of these groups are organic in nature. They might start out that way, but they don't stay that way for long. I worry sometimes if they will one day try to weaponize child lovers, because I know how many would take the bait instantly if they thought they were part of some grand noble movement being promised the same utopian lie which all these other groups have bought into.

In the meantime, we can continue to endure the left and the right calling one another pedophiles for cheap points.

Getting back to these mass-shooters.. On a smaller scale, I believe the old MK Ultra stuff. I would bet the entire farm that places like 4chan have been used by government letter agencies to ferret out people who are easily susceptible to suggestion/manipulation. I mean, there had to be some reason the worst content on the internet never got shut down, and quite a few mass-shooters were known to have ties to that place. These days I am sure such a program has moved on to other sites popular with whatever cult group they wish to weaponize individuals from. Call me a conspiracy loon, but it seems far too many former conspiracies have been proven to be true. I'm fine with snickers and snears. People have trouble believing how evil and ruthless those who seek to dominate the planet are willing to sink to. I used to have the same issue.

All aboard the victim train! Next stop, arming all the victim cults and setting them loose to tear it all down.

(And no, your post was just the one that got me ranting more generally, sorry if you couldn't tell.)


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